Questions? We’ve got answers!

Q: Do you provide any decorations?

Yes! Well, I guess it depends on the package. If you’ve selected a package with a tea party, then we bring the tables, chairs, tablecloth, table runner, tableware, and table decor. 

If you have selected a dress up package, then we bring the clothing rack, costumes in appropriate sizing, jewelry, mirrors, theme appropriate make up, table, table linen, table decor, photo booth, and props. 

If you have selected a craft package or add on, then we bring the table, table cloth, and all craft supplies. 

Interested in additional decor? We have some available and can offer a custom decor package for you 🙂

Q: Do I need to do any set up?

Anything that we bring for the party will be set up by us. If you have additional decor, party food, or games then you will need to set those up.

Q: Do I need to provide a space for the princess to get into costume?

No. The character(s) you have invited will be dressed upon arrival.

Q: What is your traveling fee?

There is a $30 travelling fee to areas outside of our party radius.